I want to be able to find someone as willing to be open as I am I want to communicate and get to goals set with someone I love I want to love someone who deserves it I want to let my guard down I’ve never done that With the safety to do so anyway … Continue reading Disconnect


Im here for something meant to be kinder I’m here for something meant to be alive He is here for something too You can see his eyes so blue and icy Meant to hold you still As he has his way It makes me so wet Thinking of his cold touch It’s the thoughts that … Continue reading Touch


I like being here and I like being here alone I like working there I’m a wage slave And so are you We are all chained to a system Created long long ago When the first tribes exchanged goods The first moment humans had to trust One another That was the moment that led to … Continue reading Exhaustion


You are not free from tyranny Your life is a number meant To create profit You are not a person Don’t think that you are Fit in Make sure everyone likes you Make sure you don’t let others see your truth That you’re a failure A loser A lost cause Nothing at all And it’s … Continue reading Tyranny